In the city – curated by Mario Grubisic

curated by Mario Grubisic

In the City is a interdisciplinary intervention by the artist Mario Grubisic and the curator Denise Parizek / During the summer and autumn month the project will take place in several viennese districts. Like a virus the artists are spreading books, LP´s, videos, art catalogues, Vice Magazines on various occasions at the bookcases in the 4th, 5th and 7th district, are placing art posters in shops and on places all over the areas and are doing small interventions with the by passers. The objective is to turn contemporary art to a common issue and sensibilize people for art issues.


Start of the project was 30.5.2014 at Margareten / 1050 Vienna.

In August, as a side show to the Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 ZEITGEIST:PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition, curated by Mario Grubisic with Agnes Hamvas, Rita Novak, Katarina Soskic, Phillip Gerlach, Christoph Pirnbacher, Piotr Soskul und Marcus Zobl, IN THE CITY took place in 1040 Vienna.

In Ocotber a combination of ZEITGEIST:PHOTOGRAPHY & IN THE CITY was shown at the Parallel Vienna, 1030 Vienna.

Ocober 15th we start the 4th part of IN THE CITY in 1070 Vienna.

IN THE CITY 1040 Vienna

August 2014

IN THE CITY 1050 Vienna

May 2014

IN THE CITY 1070 Vienna

Ocotober 2014